An ode to Medium Community. Thanks to you too. 😊

Akshay Lakra 🧭
3 min readMar 13, 2023


I am happy.

I have grown over the past 1 month.

And, all thanks to the medium community.

Like most people, I had been stopping myself from putting my thoughts out, but now I am doing without any hesitation. Having consumed the majority of content in video format, I had always felt is video the right platform to bring out my own self. Or was it photographs? Or microblogging? Or something else?

But ultimately I settled for Medium.

How did I start?

It took me almost a month to write the first 2 stories and then I was done. I used to read a few stories here and there, stumbled on Medium, and got the inspiration from the book The Almanac of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson. Naval mentions in the book that β€”

If you can’t code, write books and blogs, record videos and podcasts.

A sudden realization hit me β€”

β€œI am a marketing professional and it’s evident that I can’t put my time into learning to code. Rather I can surely start writing my observations and learning around Marketing, Branding and Business. And thus, I grabbed my phone, subscribed to Medium, and started ideating around the content.”

This is my 10th story on Medium and all the other stories around the niche that I cover. It has helped me refine my understanding about the subject and become confident into anything I pick up in the subject.

Hope it serves as a small inspiration for you as well.

Where do I stand?

Till today, I have gained 50 sweet followers without any follow for follow. I am okay with having small but quality followers who read my content and help me grow better as a writer. Now if you are one of them, you have my deepest thanks. Give me a β€˜Hi’ in the comments, I would love to explore your stories as well. 😊

My stories have garnered around 500+ views since February 25, and have managed to reach 408 people (till the time I am writing this).

My stats as of March 14th 03:19 AM (IST)
Stats around stories.

Now you may wonder why I am posting these stats? Is it to prove somthing? No.

In fact I want your genuine feedback πŸ‘

Although I don’t know much about the metrics on Medium, I consider I am doing fine. But with your help, surely I can make a bigger impact on the platform. You tell me! Am I going fine or what elementary changes should I do to improve my writing?

Can you please check out my profile and the stats above and share any suggestions you may have about my tone, profile, and stories? I would love to know from you in the comments and have you as an instrumental guide in my growth.

Thanks to you in advance πŸ™

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