Tesla spends $0 on Marketing 🚘 Here’s how they ‘fuel’ the brand 👇

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2 min readApr 20, 2023
SpaceX streamed video of the Tesla Roadster in space after the launch.

Elon Musk is a wizard who has taken marketing to a different level altogether. The creative marketing that he employs has made Tesla & SpaceX household names.

See, marketing being the bread and butter in the automobile industry, companies spend billions of $ in marketing each year. But not Tesla. Tesla as we talk about it today, has made its presence felt across the globe by just deploying minimal marketing spends away from traditional marketing.

Here’s what makes Tesla’s marketing special :

👉 Tesla’s marketing team has cracked the “FREE MEDIA PROMOTION EQUATION”.

They give out Interesting stories to tell and the media rewards them with free publicity.

The biggest example of all is — Sending Tesla Roadster into space in the Falcon Heavy Test Flight in 2018. It created a buzz that no automobile company can ever think about. Since then, the ‘Starman’ in The Roadster is now revolving around the sun. Check out its live position in space here — https://where-is-tesla-roadster.space/live

Tesla Roadster revolving around the sun ( As on 21st April 2023 )

👉 Having the most marketable CEOs out there.

Musk (even before being the owner of Twitter) had a massive following which allows him to talk his heart out, and share companies’ successes and failures. I know he bull$hits most of the time but we know the media picks it up.

👉 The storytelling revolves around the green-focused ideology of Tesla.

Major automobile companies are from the past, but Tesla claims to be of today and of the future. It has plugged into the passion & beliefs of people to save the planet. The mix of consumerism powered by being the pioneer at what they do has helped them create a community of Tesla fanatics.

👉 The fanaticism of ‘Musketeers’.

The Customer advocacy plans of Tesla work wonders for the brand as the ‘devotees’ create enough buzz about the products that it’s enough to create the FOMO Musk wants. Do check out the subreddit of Tesla Motors and you can imagine the scale they engage together —


Elon is undoubtedly the king of free press & mentions making amazing products & turning users into advocates. (You see I’ve started being an advocate too, at least for now)


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